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Welcome to Mabetel LLC

Our experience
The company brings together professionals with experience in various projects in the field of fixed and mobile telecommunications over the last 15 years.
Mabetel LLC - our project to provide services based on voice-over-ip technology (VoIP)

Our customers
The most important thing for us in this project - our customers. We focused to provide our services to small companies as well as to private customers. In contrast to the large and well-known operators providing similar services, we do not have many thousands of customers, thus each single customer is very important for us and we will do our best to make you stay with us for a long time. For several years, we have not lost a single customer.

Quality of services
We are not trying to compete on price, our prices are not the cheapest. More important indicator that we strictly control - is the quality of calls. We only work with reliable suppliers.